Psychiatry 2023 will provide an opportunity for all parties involved in psychiatry and psychological illnesses to share their work. It will bring together prominent speakers, scientists, neurologists, young and senior researchers from medicine and the medical device sector to discuss their viewpoints and research. The conference will feature sessions led by world-class experts in psychiatry, psychology, and nursing. Global symposiums, B2B meetings, seminars, and poster presentations will be hosted as part of Psychiatry 2023 to discuss specific topics in the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology.
Besides the impact on people’s well-being, the report estimates the total costs of mental ill-health at over EUR 600 billion – or more than 4% of GDP – across the 28 EU countries. A large part of these costs are due to lower employment rates and productivity of people with mental health issues (1.6% of GDP or EUR 260 billion) and greater spending on social security programmes (1.2% of GDP or EUR 170 billion), with the rest being direct spending on health care (1.3% of GDP or EUR 190 billion). Total revenue generated by US in 2019 was 29 billion $, the number of business has grown to 748 annual growth 2014-2019 was 3.1%.